January Courses Beckon

There are some things that you can count on. For example, January begins the calendar year and each January brings two popular TAPPI courses.

The first is the TAPPI Intro to Pulp & Paper Technology Course, January 10-13, 2011. Led by Dr. Mike Kocurek, one of the industry's leading instructors, this course is ideal for anyone new to the pulp and paper industry. It delivers a comprehensive overview of the entire pulping and papermaking process. Historically, the course has been designed to meet the needs of pulp and paper company employees as well as chemical and equipment suppliers. Visit online to learn more about reasons to attend and what can be expected after completing the course.

Occurring at the same time is another perennial favorite, the 2011 TAPPI Kraft Recovery Course. The course chair is the venerable Honghi Tran, who also serves as Professor and Director of the P&P Centre at the University of Toronto. The course aims to meet the needs of pulp mill operations professionals. Assisting Professor Tran are a faculty of 14 field and veteran instructors. More information appears online.