Earthcycle Offers New Line of Compostable Produce Trays

Earthcycle Packaging Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., Canada, is unveiling a new line of backyard compostable trays for the agriculture industry. These trays, available in "natural earth" or black, provide a higher level of protection in shipping, the company notes. Completely compostable and recyclable, the trays can be composted in as little as 90 days. Many trays and designs are available, including trays with built-in cups or a "flat bed" version.

Earthcycle Packaging was founded in 2005 to produce durable, safe, and environmentally responsible packaging alternatives from renewable palm fiber. "Using palm fiber to create packaging products will ultimately reduce the environmental and health hazards brought on by plastics and reduce our dependency on petroleum products, as well as create a better quality of life and working conditions for those affected by the incineration of palm waste," Earthcycle said.

The company's products are being used to protect and display fresh produce at retail chains across North America.