Iggesund Published New Paperboard Graphics Handbook

Iggesund Paperboard AB, Sweden, reports that its newly published Graphics Handbook gives examples of many different paperboard graphic design techniques and describes how to achieve them. "Many graphic designers are unsure of how they can benefit and what they can achieve by using paperboard instead of paper," explains Jonas Adler, applications specialist at Iggesund and one of the book's authors. "In this handbook we have collected examples of paperboard techniques that are especially relevant to anyone who wants to develop their creativity to new and exciting levels." He emphasizes, though, that the book is not just aimed at designers. It also contains a more technical section which advises printers on the best ways to achieve success with paperboard.

"Throughout much of the graphics industry there is uncertainty about paperboard as a material," Adler says. "People would rather use a thick grade of a brand of paper that they know, even if they thereby lose out on the many advantages paperboard would have given them."

The Graphics Handbook is part of Iggesund's "Iggesund Anchor" reference material. The material also includes The Paperboard Reference Manual, which is used as a standard reference work in many packaging and design courses. The Graphics Handbook has 90 pages and is richly illustrated. It is currently available only in English but additional language versions are planned.

An extract of the Graphics Handbook can be seen at Iggesund's website, where it can be ordered at a cost of 25 Euro including postage.