Gulf Coast TAPPI Winter 2010 Meeting

Date: February 18-19, 2010
Location: Coosa Pines, AL

Gulf Coast TAPPI will offer a two-part program sure to deliver great ideas to your mill. The meeting will also feature a mill tour of Abitibi-Bowater in Coosa Pines.

First, the Corrosion & Materials Engineering Committee will be conducting a free, one-day Corrosion & Materials Engineering Seminar seminar on TIPs and topics relating to the identification and control of corrosion within the pulp mill processes. The Friday Technical Session will focus on topics relating to the Recovery processes.

Call for Papers: Gulf Coast TAPPI is looking for presentations, preferably with direct mill experiences or applied research, relating to the following topics, or other current topics in the recovery area:

If you are interested in presenting information for the benefit of our industry, please contact Chris Dietel at