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Dynatrol Introduces Level Switch for sawdust and wood chips

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Dynatrol® DJ Level Switch for bulk solids provides high, intermediate or low point level detection of sawdust ranging from wood chips and coarse shavings to wood flour. Approved for Class I, Group D; Class II, Groups E, F & G; and Class III Services.

The basic principle of operation: when the probe is uncovered, it is free to vibrate and produces an output signal. This signal operates a relay that indicates the probe is uncovered or that a low level exists. When the probe is covered a dampening of the oscillations occurs, the output signal is no longer present and the relay indicates that a high level exists.

Installation is simple. The level detector is mounted through a 3/4” half-coupling at the point of desired level detection. The vibrating probe tolerates considerable buildup and caking, resulting in extended capability of detection.

Constructed for a long operating life, Dynatrol® detectors require no adjustments and have no moving parts. They are virtually wear-free. Many Dynatrol® Level Switches have been in service for over 25 years.


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