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Oji Holdings Presents Sample Provision of SILBIOBARRIER

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Oji Holdings Corporation (Director of the Board/President: Masatoshi Kaku, Head office: Tokyo) announces that it will begin providing samples of SILBIO BARRIER (patent pending), a barrier paper material that is helpful to reduce waste plastic and friendly to the global environment.

The Oji Group is advancing development of paper material with additional functionalities to replace plastic, centered on its Packaging Promotion Center in Innovation Promotion Division (established on April 1, 2018). 

SILBIO BARRIER is a paper material but has the function to prevent oxygen and vapor from intruding from outside, thereby helping to prevent the deterioration of contents. It is also able to retain content fragrance and moisture. SILBIO BARRIER has been designed with carefully selected materials so that it has a broad range of packing applications, from foods to industrial materials that require barrier properties. For food contact applications, the Oji Group is advancing the development based on the voluntary standards of the Japan Paper Association. The Group is also preparing for products that use only the materials included on the approved list of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

  • Origin of the name of SILBIO"Silva" is Latin for "Forest," the basis for the products.Utilizing "Silva," with biorefinery technology, to create products that are environmentally friendly and enrich society. Reflecting that aspiration, the Oji Group coined the name "SILBIO" as "Silva" + "Biorefinery." 
  • Structure of SILBIOBARRIERA barrier coating layer has been added to paper featuring the aqueous coating technology that the Oji Group has developed. The barrier coating layer curbs the intrusion of oxygen, moisture, and fragrance from outside air. Naturally, it also prevents contents from diffusing moisture andfragrance. A sealant layer can be added as necessary.
  • Features of SILBIOBARRIERSILBIO BARRIER has high oxygen barrier and moisture barrier properties, and it can be used for an alternative to barrier film. In addition, it also has re-defibration properties(ability to return to pulp again), so that it can be reused as used paper.

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