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Who Said Print Was Dead? What’s Behind the Proliferation of New Titles

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Imagine the novel idea of being able to read the news without a pop-up ad or a screen notification for a new email or a tweet from the White House. As some magazines have gone digital-only, other big publishers and brands have reversed course and leaned deeper into the ultimate lean back experience, print, with whole new publications.

Recently, The Economist relaunched a lifestyle magazine. Culture Trip, an international media organization, launched a publication about travel. Meredith created a new title centered around pet care. As audiences digest more news on a screen (93% of Americans say they get at least some news online, according to the Pew Research Center), some magazines are investing more into the print product as a way to cut through the digital noise and reach niche audiences. Reading a print product offers an escape from all the distractions—"the only time left for us," said Samir Husni, director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi’s School of Journalism.

"Virtual is not enough," he said. Consumers have always wanted a clutter-free reading experience. The problem has always been the industry just doesn’t know how to cover the costs for it. Husni said the industry allowed readers to develop the mentality that content should be free on the internet, relying on advertisers to carry the burden of the cost of producing content.

But now, with subscribers becoming more accustomed to paying for the news (and publications are less reliant on advertising dollars), publishers and brands are realizing that now is as good of a time as any to experiment as the business model changes.

"It’s now cool to bring (print) back around," said Monique Lemus O’Brien, group director at The Media Kitchen. "When you think about data and privacy, and things happening online, think how simple and straightforward it is."
Source: Adweek, May 6

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