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Sappi Launches Verve – Sustainable Dissolving Wood Pulp for Thriving World

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Commenting on the launch of the Sappi (Johannesburg, South Africa) Verve brand, Steve Binnie, Sappi CEO said this month (Oct. 2018) that "our products and service offering within the dissolving pulp market are highly valued and we remain an industry leader in this space. Verve gives recognition to this enviable reputation and the value we offer this market. Brands, including industrial business-to-business brands carry tremendous value, not just to customers but to the whole value chain. Sappi Verve represents our commitment to the entire value chain from brand owners through to the cellulosic fiber producers; our commitment to producing a natural fiber sourced from sustainably managed forests. As a responsible corporate citizen, it is a commitment to our ethos of sustainability within the context of people, planet, and prosperity."

The majority of dissolving wood pulp is consumed in the viscose industry where pulp is converted through the value chain to yarn and ultimately textiles, providing naturally soft, breathable fabrics which are smooth to the touch, hold color well, and drape beautifully. DWP cellulosic fiber is also used for a myriad of household, industrial, and pharmaceutical applications including for tablets, personal hygiene, cellophane, washing sponges, etc. 
In the past, DWP sold by Sappi was unbranded and industry generic names were used as product names. This did not reflect the specific benefits which has always differentiated Sappi’s DWP. The new Sappi Verve brand creates a very specific identity within the DWP market.
Bernhard Riegler VP Marketing for Sappi’s dissolving wood pulp explained  that "at Sappi we have always known there is something special to our dissolving wood pulp products. We have consistent, outstanding quality products, supported by dedicated customer service, all underpinned by a strong sustainability story.  As a fiber produced from natural and renewable resources, Verve provides the value chain with a sustainable choice not only within the broader textile sphere which includes cotton and polyester, but as a preferred sustainable choice within the dissolving wood pulp market."
Riegler added that "committing to a brand such as Sappi Verve means committing to the broader values it denotes, not only the product attributes but also the broader commitments and values that Sappi as the parent brand stands for. Consumers are becoming more active in making the right choices to contribute toward a tomorrow that is better than today. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important within a brand promise—sustainability that uplifts people, builds communities, generates economic value, and secures the environment.  Sappi Verve represents enthusiasm, life, vigor, and energy. Sappi Verve is the sustainable choice and our way of making tomorrow better than today."
Binnie noted that "Sappi Verve aligns perfectly with our goals as a business – diverse, sustainable, and committed to growth and adding value to our customers, communities, and investors. Sappi Verve meets the needs of a discerning, fast-growing, and thriving world."

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