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Winder Upgrade by Voith: 15% increase in Capacity

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The SmoothRun hydropneumatic damping bearing system from Voith, Heidenheim, Germany, reduces vibrations occurring on the winder drums.

The new SmoothRun hydropneumatic damping bearing system for winders effectively reduces vibrations occurring during the winding process. Hydropneumatic damping allows for higher operating speeds and better winding results. Overall, capacity increases of up to 15% are possible. This compact upgrade solution is suitable for Voith and Jagenberg two-drum winders. 

In conventional winders without special damping, vibrations can occur at higher production speeds for certain paper grades, and these vibrations can impair winding quality. To minimize the disruptive effect of vibrations during the winding process, the production speed and accelerations rates are reduced below the maximum capability of the winder. 

With SmoothRun hydropneumatic damping bearings from Voith, the vibrations can be effectively reduced even at high speeds, allowing the equipment to operate at consistently high production speeds. At the same time, SmoothRun improves the winding results and reduces the overall mechanical stress on the machine. SmoothRun helps achieve higher operating speeds and improved winding results.
Eliminating bottlenecks through capacity upgrades.

Papier- und Kartonfabrik Varel (PKV), based in Lower Saxony, produces high-quality corrugating medium and testliner on its PM 5. Until now, the existing VariFlex M had to be run at a lower speed when producing paper grades sensitive to vibrations. The result is the winder could barely keep up with the production of the paper machine. 

The purpose of the hydropneumatic damping bearings was to allow the winder to be operated at the maximum speed. "Following commissioning of the new bearing system, we were able to reduce vibrations for all paper grades and increase speeds. We are currently optimizing the settings of the bearing system with intensive support from Voith," explained Michael Wolff, line manager, Equipment, at PK Varel. 

"Following this optimization phase we assume that the speed of the winder can be increased. While further enhancements together with Voith are being made, the winder can keep pace with the production of the PM 5," said Wolff. Voith is helping the company achieve this goal by providing intensive support, e.g. by performing vibration measurements. 

Thanks to the SmoothRun hydropneumatic damping bearing system, a consistently high operating speed can be maintained without vibrations. The colored area underneath the speed curves corresponds to capacity at 2,300 m/min or 7,545 ft/min (left without damping, right with SmoothRun damping).

Voith offers a wide selection of upgrades enabling existing winders to be specifically adapted to today's requirements. Further information is available online.

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