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New getPlus ESD Ecosystem Supports Factories’ Transition to Industry 4.0

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London, U.K.-based NOS Microsystems is making the transition to industry 4.0 seamless for industrial automation customers around the world with its electronic software delivery (ESD) solution, getPlus®

The software delivery manager is lightweight at just 200kB (<1MB) on the client side, so small that it does not even require installation, but it packs an incredible punch, the company adds. It is not only a software manager, but an intelligent ecosystem that fully and easily integrates into clients’ existing databases—SAP, Oracle, any all others—to establish ESD or enhance the ratio of existing ESD with easy, self-service access to software updates.

getPlus links clients with their customer by perfectly connecting to suppliers’ current web interfaces. There, it provides an easy to use platform that "automizes" the updating process for customers. Upon software delivery, it generates a unique targeted sales point based on user data collected by the tiny titan. The end result ensures convenience, reduced support costs, superior life cycle maintenance of products, and revenue recognition right across the supply chain.

"System integration gets complicated when you have hundreds or thousands of different systems of various ages cooperating with each other. But the getPlus ecosystem makes it simple. It knows all user dependencies and entitlements, runs prechecks before download, and bit-by-bit identical ESD is guaranteed even in areas of limited bandwidth. It bypasses tax and customs regulations and the automation provider has a direct platform to inform customers of new devices or updates they may want or need," explained CEO of NOS Microsystems and engineer, Oliver Wessling. "getPlus automizes the automation process. It is the missing link between automation provider and client." 
getPlus is a sophisticated tool that performs like no other technology on the market, having been developed by experts in data security and solutions for delivery and transfer management. It already services over one billion downloads annually for clients around the world across several industries, including for Rockwell Automation and Nokia.
"It is the smallest, fastest, and most user-friendly transfer manager available and it allows providers to securely distribute any kind of digital content to clients. No maintenance, upgrades, or retention are required and getPlus works across all proxies and firewalls," added Wessling. 

Features and benefits of getPlus ecosystem:
  • Fully integrated. getPlus does all the work on both client and customer side. Can build entirely new system or upgrade existing environment including advanced customer dependencies and entitlements detection. 
  • No extra staffing needed. No manpower required from automation provider. Low implementation and maintenance costs with full front-end and back-end support by NOS Microsystems.
  • Cuts costs. Eliminate cost of physical delivery of software. Greener and more cost effective. Reduce support costs thanks to increased user convenience and automatic handling of proxies and firewalls. 
  • SAP, Oracle, and cloud compatible. getPlus works seamlessly with all database systems, existing delivery system ,or cloud service.
  • Secured communication. Developed by cyber security and electronic download experts. Establishes a TLS-connection. Proof of delivery following download.
  • Guaranteed download. Thanks to the smallest and smartest data transfer tool within getPlus’ users can install and launch software sooner. Even in areas of low bandwidth. 
  • Increases revenue. Tracks downloads and maintenance expirations to promote additional solutions and increase sales. 
Founded in 2001, NOS Microsystems Ltd. specializes in electronic software distribution. It is a market leader in download management technology, large data, cloud transfers and software compression, and services more than one billion digital transfers annually for clients. The secure, reliable solutions are customized for each client. 

For more information, contact Tess McGowan, Marketing Manager, Tel. +44 20 81 449039.

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