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XcelLine from Voith Provides High Performance Tissue Production at Recent Installations

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The XcelLine paper machines from Voith, Germany, make the production of tissue paper significantly more efficient, the company notes. Since 2015, customers around the world have purchased more than 20 machines, including the world’s fastest tissue machine with a steam-heated dryer hood. 

At the end of August 2017, The Navigator Co., one of the leading pulp and paper manufacturers in Europe, signed a contract with Voith for the delivery of a new XcelLine machine for the production of tissue paper. Voith continues the success of their XcelLine with the machine, which will start production in the second half of 2018. Since 2015, the company has sold more than 20 new machines to manufacturers of sanitary paper and received numerous orders for the modernization of machines with XcelLine components—a clear indicator that producers around the world are also expecting increased demand for tissue in the coming years. 

The global paper market study "World Paper Markets up to 2030" by Pöyry Management Consulting also confirms the upward trend. According to the study, the annual demand for tissue and hygiene products should increase by up to 2.9% worldwide.

Every component in the XcelLine is designed to ensure maximum efficiency with a minimum amount of energy used--through faster production, for example. The new line for The Navigator Co. is designed for an operating speed of 2,000 m/min. This is state-of-the-art technology. The equipment includes numerous components and systems, which increase energy efficiency and user-friendliness, such as a Pluralis refining system, a MasterJet headbox, a steel EvoDry T Yankee dryer cylinder, and an EcoHood T dryer hood. Delivery also includes Papermaking 4.0 functions, with the integration of the ComCore automation platform. These digital technologies make it possible to optimize machine efficiency, reduce energy costs, and increase paper quality and process reliability. 

Above all, process stability is desired in many booming markets. "The demand for tissue is growing strongly in countries where manufacturers often have difficulty finding qualified employees. That is why we put great value on the simple and safe operation of our machines and also offer extensive training," explained Dr. Martin Tietz, global product manager, Tissue at Voith.

The basic principles of the Voith engineers promise a smooth project course to the customer. Impressive success stories were the fast commissioning of four XcelLine machines at Lee & Man in China in 2017. There, it took only four days for the TM 12 to be able to produce at maximum speed. The TM 11 started up in a new record time as it took only 18 minutes from "stock on wire" to "paper on reel."

The TM 16 for Cheng Loong in Taiwan, which went into operation in 2016 (see photo below), also set new technical standards. With a steam-heated dryer hood, it produces up to 2,001 meters of tissue every minute, making it the fastest machine of its kind. This steam-heated dryer hood is just one of many innovations from Voith, which increase paper quality and manufacturing efficiency. Many of these developments have long since become standard in production for many tissue manufacturers. For example, the shoe press which other paper machine manufacturers either build under license or purchase directly from Voith.

In the photo above, TM 16 for Cheng Loong in Taiwan which went into operation in 2016. It produces up to 2,001 meters of tissue every minute with a steam-heated dryer hood.

In October, Voith Paper completed commissioning of the new XcelLine tissue machine VTM 3, which will be delivered to the tissue and special paper manufacturer Little Rapids Corp., located in Shawano, Wis, USA.

Along with outstanding technology, good project management in the construction of new machines plays a crucial role for fast commissioning. The new VTM 3 for Little Rapids was able to go into production in October 2017, six days before the contractually agreed-upon date, while the machine’s downtime from paper to paper was just 30 days – that’s from the dismantling of the previous machine to the construction and startup of the new machine. In addition to this extraordinary performance, the second jumbo roll was already of marketable quality, and the machine reached its maximum operating speed within the first week of operation. 

"We are very proud of the teamwork from everyone involved to execute the new construction inside a very tight time frame. Furthermore, the performance we observed in this early phase of commissioning the machine is extremely promising, and we are optimistic that our customers will appreciate the additional capacity and improvements in quality we have achieved with this investment," said Ron Thiry, VP and GM of Little Rapids Corp. 

The reason for the smooth commissioning and high customer satisfaction is largely the project and product management of the Voith engineers. Under the heading Process Line Package (PLP), customers can purchase a new machine practically ready to use. The package includes all of the components and units necessary for operation, as well as extensive training for employees. Voith also offers solutions for financing a project. The Voith Corp.’s vast experience with major projects all over the world simplifies the creation of a tailored financing framework for customers. Voith will also accompany the entire lifecycle of an XcelLine machine with a broad range of services. Particularly with the OnSite Yankee Service, Voith offers numerous technologies that ensure extensive, reliable, and quickly available service directly on site with a customer. 

In the Tissue Technology Center in São Paulo, Brazil, Voith customers can get their hands on a modularly constructed test machine that covers the entire product range – from standard to structured premium grades. It is also equipped with a stock preparation and a water treatment system. New tissue products undergo targeted development and are brought to marketability with customized test series. For more than 20 years, Voith has offered its customers unique opportunities for testing new technologies, thus reducing investment risks.


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