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Dow Binders Offer Sustainable Solutions for Oil and Grease Barrier Coatings

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Oil and grease don’t stand a chance against the newest RHOBARR™ Binders from Dow Coating Materials, Philadelphia, Pa., USA, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Co. Launching next week during TAPPI’s PaperCon 2017, conference and exhibit, RHOBARR Binders are strengthening oil and grease resistance (OGR) barrier coatings to help paper-based packaging withstand oil and water. 
The new FDA and BfR food contact compliant RHOBARR Binders are a milestone in OGR barrier coating technology. RHOBARR Binders are fluorocarbon-free, offering the creation of high-quality, highly resistant paper-based packaging for food and beverages, dry goods, and other consumer products, while helping manufacturers and brand owners meet growing consumer demand for safe packaging. 
RHOBARR binders are a market disruptor in the paper-based packaging industry," said Bob Gargione, global business director for Functional Coatings at Dow Coating Materials. "We’re seeing a shift in consumers—they want convenient and more sustainable packaging options. RHOBARR binders give the entire packaging supply chain a long-term solution to protect paper and paperboard packaging from damage from oil and grease, while excluding materials of concern to consumers."
RHOBARR Binders can be formulated into high-performing, thin-film coatings that retain flexibility when folded. This quality helps manufacturers improve material efficiency without sacrificing the coating’s functionality as a protective barrier.
The first in the platform, RHOBARR 130 and 110 Binders are compatible with a variety of additives and pigments to allow for customized performance across a wide range of applications. Performance attributes include hot block resistance, fatty acid barrier, improved liquid water barrier, and retained properties when folded. Both grades are offered at high solids in a low viscosity, aqueous emulsion. Ongoing testing for RHOBARR 130 and 110 Binders is underway to meet the needs of specific applications and markets.
To test your own applications with RHOBARR Barrier Coating Binders, request a free sample


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