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BellHawk Offers White Paper on AI and the Smart Industrial Warehouse

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BellHawk Systems Corp., Millbury, Mass., USA, has announced the availability of a new white paper titled Artificial Intelligence and the Smart Industrial Warehouse. The white paper is currently available for download. 

BellHawk Syetems notes that in the popular press, there is much ado made about Artificial Intelligence (AI) being used in robots that buzz about high volume retail warehouses, automatically picking consumer products that are being shipped overnight in response to orders made over the Internet. 

But, the company continues, this misses all of the ways that AI can be used to inexpensively improve the operation of industrial warehouses without a major investment in robots or other expensive materials handling equipment by providing the information and advice that managers, supervisors, and material handlers need to do their jobs efficiently.

This white paper examines how AI-based operations tracking and management systems, such as BellHawk, can be used to improve the efficiency of industrial warehouses, prevent mistakes, and enable customer orders to be shipped on time.

According to Dr. Peter Green, the CTO of BellHawk Systems, "today we have moved beyond warehouse management systems being a data collection add-on to ERP systems. Instead, AI-based warehouse management systems are becoming an integral component of smart supply chains that can automatically adapt in real-time to events in the supply chain. Such events can include the arrival of new orders over the Internet for delivery in a few hours, changes in manufacturing schedules, or even a truck that ends up in a ditch."

BellHawk Systems provides both in-plant and Cloud-based operations tracking and management solution that include integrated warehouse management and manufacturing execution systems. These solutions can include all the needed mobile computing, barcode, and RFID devices, which are provided in collaboration with partners such as Zebra and Honeywell.

For more information, contact Diane Root at BellHawk Systems Corp., 1-508-865-8070 x306.


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