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Boost Your Career at PaperCon 2017

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Global reach and industry recognition is a big draw for PaperCon 2017 speakers.

PaperCon 2017 has issued a Call for Papers for both the Coating and Graphic Arts Program (presented by TAPPI’s Coating and Graphic Arts Division) and the Papermaking and Recycled Board Program.  PaperCon 2017 will be held on April 23-26, 2017, in Minneapolis, Minn., and invites individuals interested in speaking in one or both of the programs to submit their abstract(s) before the deadline.  Participating in PaperCon is a great way to gain invaluable exposure among industry leaders and boost your career.

Emphasizing this year’s conference theme, "Renew, Rethink, Redefine the Future," each program has requested abstracts that center around specific topics.

Coating and Graphics Art Program

The TAPPI Coating and Graphic Arts Division invites all paper, coating, and graphic arts professionals interested in participating in the Coating Program at PaperCon 2017 to submit an abstract by Oct. 28, 2016.  View the Coating and Graphic Arts Call for Papers.

Topics of interest:
  • Paper Packaging and Board (primary area of interest)
             o Trends in Packaging - Design, Light Weighting
             o  Packaging Strength Properties
             o Sustainability, Biodegradability, Compostability, Renewable Content
             o  Current Offset Printing Requirements/Challenges for Coating Paper and Board
             o Converting of Packaging Grades
             o Equipment Used in the Manufacture of Board and Packaging - Curtain Coaters, etc.
             o  Coating Requirements and Advances in Packaging Applications
             o Success Stories in Coated Board Manufacturing, Technology or Product Development 
  • General Coating and Graphic Arts
            o  Advances in Barrier Coating Technology and Application
            o  Advances in Multi-Layer Coating Technology (Formulation and Process)
            o  Mill Case Studies Showing Improved Profitability, Innovation or Runnability
            o  Advances in Coatings for Ink Jet Papers and Digital Printing
            o  New Ideas for Production Cost and Energy Savings
            o  Coating Structure Measurement Relationship to End Product Attributes
            o  Advances in Coating Rheology Understanding
            o  Practical Applications of Nanotechnology in Coated Papers
            o  Extended Nip Calendering Applications and Techniques
            o  Success Stories in Coating and Finishing (15-20 min. case studies, PowerPoints only)
            o  Developments in Soft Nip, Extended Nip and Multinip Calendering
            o  Developments in Winding
            o  Advances in Knowledge About Coated Sheet Requirements for Improved Printing Response
            o  Insights into Ink/Paper Interactions, Test Methods and Effects on Print Quality.
Papermaking and Recycled Paperboard Program
The Papermaking and Recycled Paperboard Program will include topic-specific tracks, a recycled paperboard technical seminar, as well as a track of tutorials. The deadline for submissions is Nov. 11, 2016.  View the Papermaking and Recycled Paperboard Call for Papers.
Topics of Interest: 
  • Papermaking Best Practices
            o  Focusing on best practices in the paper machine area and how to renew good performance on the machines.
  • Renewing, Rethinking and Redefining Papermaking Additives
           o  Renewing focuses on refreshing our understanding and sharing the current state of the art.  
           o  Rethinking includes incremental optimization and improvement of the current state of the art of existing additives.
           o  Redefining focuses on innovations and non-incremental advancements leading to new additives and/or new                          application strategies that have previously not been utilized.  
  • Renew, Rethink, Redefine the Future of Process Control – part 1
           o  Focusing on rethinking Process Control and what lies in the future. 
  • Best Practices in Fluid Fundamentals – part 2
          o  Focusing on best available technologies and the progression of new technologies 
Seminar Includes:
  • Recycled Paperboard Technical Association Production Technical Seminar (RPTA P-T Seminar)
          o  Focusing on topics relevant to manufacturers of recycled board grades such as multiply paperboard, linerboard,                     tube and core, and gypsum liner.
If you are interested in speaking at PaperCon 2017, we invite you to submit your abstract via TAPPI’s  Speaker Management System.
For more information about PaperCon 2017, visit the conference website.


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