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Submit your paper machine drying rate data for TIP 0404-07

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TIP 0404-07 Paper Machine Drying Rate outlines procedures for calculating paper machine drying rates for several paper grades, and provides drying rate curves. Each graph compares drying rate (lb/hr/ft2) versus average steam temperature for several grades of paper as well as pulp. Graphs include both data points representing observed performance of existing machines, as well as lines that represent calculated average and two-sigma variation of plotted data.
Developed by TAPPI’s Drying Subcommittee in TAPPI’s Engineering Division, this TIP provides useful information to compare machine performance across the industry.  
The authors of this TIP are currently collecting data. Submit your machine’s drying rate information to be included in the next version of this TIP (only data is shown, no details are given on the source). Please include:
  • Company name
  • Mill location
  • Machine number
  • Grade produced (corrugating medium, fine paper, linerboard, bleached board, kraft paper, wood-containing, after size, pulp with steam cylinders, pulp with air dryers, paperboard, or gypsum wallboard)
  • Drying rate (lb/hr/ft2 or kg/hr/m2)
  • Average steam temperature (F or C).
Please submit your data to Jeff Chaloux, process engineering manager, Kadant Johnson Systems Division. Jeff is compiling all data for the next version of TIP 0404-07.
PLEASE NOTE: These procedures cannot be used for machines with auxiliary drying equipment such as infrared dryers and impingement dryers, unless these auxiliary dryers are shut off.

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