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Schaffner Expands ECOsine Passive Harmonic Filter Line

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Schaffner EMC, Edison, N.J., USA, has introduced the FN3415, the newest addition to its ECOsine® family of Passive Harmonic Filters, for 60 Hz, 480, or 600 VAC applications. Available in various NEMA enclosures, they are easily installed and commissioned, providing immediate benefit to the electrical system by limiting the amplitude of the current harmonics, reducing losses, and allowing equipment to operate more efficiently with a longer service life.  

Proven in industrial settings, Schaffner passive harmonic filters are ideal for use with virtually any kind of power electronics with front end six-pulse rectifiers, including non-linear loads such as motor drives/VFDs, factory automation equipment, fans, pumps, chillers, and other HVAC equipment, DC fast chargers, mission critical systems/datacenters, water/wastewater processing equipment, oil and gas drilling, and more. 

Designed to operate at 99% efficiency and installed at the typical three phase voltage of 480 VAC (+/- 10%), or 600 VAC (+/- 10%) at 60 Hz (+/- 1 Hz), these proven products reduce harmonics to meet IEEE-519 (2014). TDD and THDI performance at full, light, and no-load conditions is less than or equal to 5%, while THDv ratings are less than or equal to 3%. Schaffner also offers more basic designs for installations with less critical harmonic mitigation needs.

NEMA 1 and NEMA 3R enclosures, wall-mounted or free-standing, are standard. Other ratings are available. All FN3415 models are UL and cUL listed. They are ideal for new installations and retrofits.  

Harmonics are generated by nonlinear components in electrical systems, which distort the sine wave.  Increasing usage of power electronics causes a corresponding increase in voltage distortion, or harmonics. Common electrical components like motors, pumps, fans, automation equipment, DC fast chargers, equipment with front-end six-pulse rectifiers, and more, all introduce harmonics into the electrical system. When harmonics are present, they can manifest themselves with short-term and long-term consequences. High harmonic distortion can cause failures or malfunctions of electrical devices.  Harmonics also cause a temperature rise in the electrical network and in equipment, resulting in losses and shorter service life. Passive harmonic filter, like the ECOsine Passive, when tuned to the offending harmonic order, corrects the sine wave, before the harmonics can cause any damage to the electrical system or equipment.  

Schaffner EMC is part of The Schaffner Group – a worldwide leader in the fields of electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC), power quality (PQ), and engineered transformers. From a global innovation and development center in Luterbach, Switzerland, the company develops leading edge products which are manufactured in facilities worldwide. The company’s PQ product line includes active and passive harmonic filters, along with sine wave filters, which allow the efficient and reliable operation of electrical and electronic equipment and systems. More information is available online, or 800-367-5566 (ext. 276).


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