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PulpEye Makes Module for Faster Calibration of Consistency Sensors

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Based on what the company reported as a "strong customer request", PulpEye announced Monday (June 20) that the launch of a new module, ConsistencyEye, for faster measurements and calibration of sensors for different process streams. This method is particularly suitable for measurements of low consistency streams, e.g. in paper and board machines’ stock preparation departments.

Currently there is no quick way to measure consistency of different fiber streams for calibration of consistency sensors. Usually the measurements are done manually, which takes time and the result may be influenced by how the measurement is done.

"The module is of interest to any mill with many consistency sensors to be calibrated regularly," said ÷jvind Sundvall, MD PulpEye. "As the consistency influences, among other things, the amount of chemicals added and the refining, it is very important that the consistency sensors always give the actual values. In stock preparation departments there are many flows where false or slow consistency measurements during calibrations may result in substantial costs caused by wrong product quality."

The first who tested ConsistencyEye confirmed that a calibration of the consistency in a flow takes only 2-5 minutes instead of earlier typically 40-60 minutes for the existing laboratory method. This easy and much faster way of calibrating contributes to a higher efficiency. In addition to that, the measurement result is independent of who does the calibration, which contributes to quality secured product properties."

"With our package solution for measuring and calibration of consistency sensors the users know that they get the correct values, which in turn gives correct proportion of chemicals added, optimal refining and a consistent quality. Worth mentioning is that the idea came from one of our customers having a need for fast consistency verification, which made us start developing ConsistencyEye," ÷jvind Sundvall concluded.

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