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Belarus' Export of Paper, Paperboard up 44% in 2015

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Belorusskie Oboi Holding Co. of Bellesbumprom Concern (46 enterprises of different forms of ownership, which together are the largest consumer of timber prepared in the country of Belarus) announced Tuesday the group has increased the export of paper and paperboard 1.8 times to 8,600 metric tons during the course of 2015.

OAO Belorusskie Oboi, the managing company of the concern, exported more than $6 million worth of products in 2015. "The company's export went up 44% during 2014. In physical terms, the export of paper and board soared by more than 80% to 8,600 metric tons," the representative of the concern said.

According to the company's press release issued this past week, Russia and Poland were the major importers of paper and paper-based board ($4 million and $1.3 million respectively). The company also exported its products to Lithuania, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, and Latvia. The main exporter was Dobrush Paper Factory Geroy Truda which modernized its paper machine in 2014. As a result, the factory managed to expand the lineup of products and double the output.

"The factory is currently implementing one more investment project to build a facility to produce multi-layer coated and uncoated paperboard with the annual capacity of 200,000 metric tons. This project will be implemented in 2016-2017," the representative of Bellesbumprom said.

According to Bellesbumprom, the production of coated and uncoated boards will help reduce the import of these products from the CIS countries and Europe, and ensure the growth of export. Belorusskie Oboi Holding Co. includes four enterprises: Gomeloboi, Minsk Wallpaper Factory, the branch of Dobrush Paper Factory Geroy Truda, and the branch of Belkarton. They offer a wide range of industrial paper and paperboard, wallpapers, office paper, paper blocks, and other products.


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