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2015 PEERS Conference Offers Workshop on Emission Testing Programs

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Emission testing is one of the most challenging environmental measurement disciplines. A successful emission test program requires a solid understanding of test program objectives and the right combination of test methodology, expertise, process operations, and regulatory agency coordination. Because there are so many variables and potential sources of error, many emission testing programs are not properly completed or are completed at significant - and often unanticipated - expense. The good news is that the challenges associated with emission testing can be effectively managed with proper program design, planning, coordination, and implementation.

This introductory level workshop, presented by David Elam (photo), provides information that will help mill personnel design, manage, oversee, and evaluate emission testing programs. The content is applicable to compliance, in-house engineering, and performance guarantee test programs. The principles and practices outlined in this workshop will help mill personnel achieve their emission testing objectives while controlling program costs and schedule.

Your takeaways:
  • An overview of emission testing, why it is performed, and introduction of key terms
  • A brief overview of the regulations governing air pollution control and measurement
  • A review of test method sources and the importance of proper test method selection
  • A review of the key elements affecting test program design, including test program objectives, permit requirements, process operations, access to the source, the request for proposal, factors to consider when selecting a source testing firm, and agency notifications
  • A discussion of data quality objectives and quality standards for conducting source testing
  • A discussion of the elements of a defensible test report.
Registration is open.
Learn more about the 2015 TAPPI PEERS Conference.
The full technical program is now available online.

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