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MULTIVAC Introduces Two-Way Dispensing Edge for Labelers

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MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection, Germany, has developed a two-way dispensing edge for its labelers, which can be rotated pneumatically by 180 degrees. It features a separation edge and a deflection face that can be interchanged very quickly. 

This innovation ensures that labels that are not supposed to be dispensed onto a pack remain on the backing strip and are wound together with the backing strip. This function is particularly important when, for example, the print layout is changed or a label has been identified as incorrect. Not only does this save costs, but also makes the labelling process more simple and more reliable. 

The new two-way dispensing edge can be installed both on MULTIVAC cross web labelers and on conveyor belt labelers from the L 310 series.

When setting up and operating a labeler, situations occur in which labels are not supposed to be dispensed, MULTIVAC explained. This is, for example, the case when the length of the label is determined by means of a measurement run, in the event of a change of label, or when there are still labels with the print data for a preceding batch still in the advance. Standard dispensing edges continue dispensing labels during operation, and need to be collected by hand to prevent them falling down or getting stuck on the packaging machine, the transport conveyor or on the hall floor.

The new two-way dispensing edge from MULTIVAC provides two options: if a pack needs to be marked, the separation edge is used. If, in contrast, individual labels remain stuck to the backing strip that is being wound after the labelling process, then the deflection face is activated. When doing so, the number of labels that are not supposed to be dispensed can be input manually using the MULTIVAC HMI 2.0, or can be automatically set by the machine control. 

Automated, user-friendly and reliable

The two-way dispensing edge makes label measuring runs fast and convenient: the labels pushed forwards when measuring the length of the label are simply rewound. Changing the print layout is also more efficient and more reliable, as information that was intended for a preceding batch is prevented from being applied to the next production batches. If incorrect labels are identified when inspecting the print results, then they remain on the backing strip. The two-way dispensing edge is then automatically rotated by 180 degrees so that the incorrect labels are wound as well. This next correctly printed label is then applied to the pack.

More information is available online.

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