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U.K.’s Corrugated Industry Marks Growth, Competitive Strides in European Market

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According to a release this past week by Allot and Associates Ltd., London, U.K, The U.K. Corrugated Industry—accounting for a total of £6.5billion in turnover in the country’s paper industry—is now the fifth largest market in Europe and is doing more with less by taking effective steps to hold its own in a fiercely competitive global market. 

Corrugated’s versatility makes it a vital logistics partner in the 21st century supply chain. Its importance to many U.K. food businesses (as shown in a recent survey by CPI) and popularity with consumers for grocery shopping (YouGov poll 2014), are further indicators of the material’s vital place in today’s society.

As brand owners battle for space and prominence on supermarkets’ busy shelves, latest research predicts that adopting vibrant and innovative packaging could sway the purchase decisions that many consumers will make in 2015. It’s no surprise that a product’s best advertising is its own packaging, and corrugated plays a pivotal role for retailers and brand owners. Its ability to provide effective on-pack communications to entice consumers is reflected by demand for the material, which is expected to increase worldwide by an average of more than 4% annually over the next five years, according to the Allot and Associates release. 

Shoppers are moving away from large out of town stores in favor of convenience outlets, the release continues. By developing smaller pack sizes, corrugated box makers are helping to meet demand from consumers and retailers for attractive and sustainable grocery packaging. Corrugated’s adaptability also reduces consumer food waste. There is growing recognition that food waste is 10 times as significant as the impact of packaging.

CPI’s Director of Packaging Affairs, Andy Barnetson, says that the corrugated industry’s innovative packaging solutions, coupled with renowned environmental credentials—corrugated is the most recycled material in the packaging industry--are boosting its appeal.

"The bottom line is that corrugated is a forward looking industry investing in efficient manufacturing solutions for a sustainable future. Its flexibility and qualities in terms of printing, design, hygiene, logistics and protection give it a significant edge over alternative forms of packaging. Its successful shelf ready packaging and functionality is benefitting brand owners, consumers, and the environment alike," he explained.

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