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TAPPI NET Presents Introduction to Nonwovens Processes Webinar

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The TAPPI NET division has announced the Introduction to Nonwovens Processes webinar, to be held December 12 at 12:00 p.m. EST. This webinar is the first in the NET division series on nonwovens processes. Topics covered in this webinar include an overview of some of the various processes used to produce nonwovens material, the standard equipment utilized, and descriptions of media produced by each process.

Nonwoven materials are produced by a wide variety of processes ranging from hydraulic formation, air assisted processing, direct polymer to web systems, and combinations of these. These materials find applications in diverse fields, including filtration, automotive, hygiene products, battery separators, medical, and home furnishings. This webinar will highlight some of the most common processes including wet-laid, melt blown, and electrospinning.

In the wet-laid process, a mixture of fibers is suspended in a fluid, the fibers are deposited onto a screen or porous surface to remove the fluid, and the web is then consolidated mechanically, chemically, or thermally. Meltblown materials are produced by melting and extruding molten polymer resin directly into a web. Fine fibers with a narrow fiber distribution can be produced using the meltblown process. To make finer fibers, typically in the nanometer range, an electrospinning process is used. During the electrospinning process, electrical charge is applied to polymer solution to form nanometer size fibers on a collector.

The webinar will be presented by two of the NET division's highly accomplished volunteers  - Christina Ruiz and Sneha Swaminathan of Hollingsworth & Vose. 

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