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Eco-Aware Moms Transforming Beverage Industry Packaging

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Evergreen Packaging, Memphis, Tenn., USA, a producer of fiber-based packaging, this week released a new white paper that provides key insights for beverage manufacturers and retailers on a growing consumer segment whose eco-conscious values and lifestyle are transforming the beverage industry. Packaging can Attract Eco-Aware Moms for Beverage Manufacturers and Retailers recognizes Eco-Aware Moms as a key market segment for beverage manufacturers and retailers and identifies product packaging as a means to tap into this influential group of shoppers.

"With Eco-Aware Moms holding $1.75 trillion in buying power and representing 62 million women, it's clear that this group of consumers should be top of mind for brands," says Erin Reynolds, marketing director at Evergreen Packaging. "And, product packaging presents an opportunity for beverage manufacturers and retailers to connect with this valuable shopper."

According to the white paper, beverage manufacturers and retailers should consider these key insights and strategies to effectively build brand affinity among Eco-Aware Moms:

  • Product packaging is a priority: Eco-Aware Moms are more likely to switch brands based on packaging alone. Consider that 59% of Eco-Aware Moms say they have changed what they buy based on the type or amount of packaging.
  • Packaging influences brand reputation: 65% of Eco-Aware Moms say that product packaging greatly influences their opinion of a company's eco-friendliness. Retailers who use eco-friendly packaging choices can better position both product and store in a positive light among Eco-Aware Moms.
  • Eco-Aware Moms see a strong correlation between personal and environmental health: Eco-Aware Moms do their best to avoid potentially harmful chemicals from product ingredients as well as packaging. They view beverage packaging options such as cartons and glass as being more eco-healthy than other materials.
  • Make your eco-friendly story visible: On-pack messaging serves as the number one way to communicate to Eco-Aware Moms and reinforce a brand's commitment to sustainability.

"Brands that effectively connect with Eco-Aware Moms have an opportunity to grow market share by aligning with this influential group," says Reynolds. "And, with recyclable and renewable packaging materials topping the list of priorities they want from product packaging, beverage brands should consider cartons as a packaging option to connect with this group."

More than 75% of an Evergreen carton is made from paper, which comes from a renewable resource—trees. Additionally, cartons are recyclable for more than 53 million households across the country, where facilities exist.

A complete copy of the white paper is available online.


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