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Building Electronics on Paper: Opening Presentation by Dr. Andrew Steckl

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IEEE Spectrum author and noted researcher Dr. Andrew Steckl will provide the opening presentation at the upcoming Building Electronics on Paper Workshop, August 6-7 at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI., USA. Based at the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Steckl revealed the following in the IEEE magazine about paper as a substrate for displays and microfluidic systems:
  • With the right set of additives and manufacturing processes, paper can take on a seemingly endless range of properties. It can be made hydrophilic or hydrophobic, porous or watertight, opaque or nearly transparent, delicate or strong, coarse or about as smooth as glass.
  • It is possible to fabricate reliable pixels on coated paper with switching times as short as 10 milliseconds - nearly suitable for video. Paper-based displays using electrowetting might be ideal for smart labels on packages that could, for example, show videos about how the product is to be used, or for displays containing vital information for soldiers in the field—that can be rapidly destroyed if necessary.
  • Researchers are now trying to develop a general class of paper-based microfluidic systems that can be adapted to make a variety of different tests, for such tasks as monitoring liver function or diagnosing tuberculosis. If done right, these tests could be compact, self-contained, and extremely affordable.
Join Dr. Steckl and subject matter experts from the Kellogg Company, DuPont Electronics, Rutgers University, and others will share results of their research and product development at the FlexTech Workshop, co-hosted by Western Michigan University (WMU). Workshop sponsors include FujiFilm Dimatix and Paper360.

See the full agenda on the event website.

Paper 360° is the media sponsor and TAPPI members receive a substantial registration discount. Use the discount code: PAPER360. Register today.

Prior to the workshop, registrants will benefit from a 1/2 day of hands-on demos at WMU's Center for the Advancement of Printed Electronics, which features labs dedicated to inkjet, screen, rotogravure, and flexographic printing.


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