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TAPPI Partners With Layar to Offer Augmented Reality for Print Products

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TAPPI has entered into a partnership with Layar, an industry-leading organization at the forefront of a new medium known as augmented reality, which adds digital content to print products and merges the digital and print worlds. Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, co-founder of Layar, officially announced the partnership at the 2013 PaperCon Conference, April 27-May 1, in Atlanta, Ga., USA.

"TAPPI is excited about our partnership with Layar and the opportunity it provides our members and the industry to enhance print products with digital content," notes Larry N. Montague, TAPPI president and CEO. "Layar allows anyone to easily and quickly add digital content to print and tap into the explosion in online information consumption. It allows users to communicate in new and interactive ways and makes print products more effective and engaging." 

"Layar fortifies the power of print, grows consumer engagement, and enables additional ad revenue in 2013. In the near future, there will be 1 billion smart phones in use, and 30 million people have downloaded the Layar app. Some 40,000 marketeers and publishers are now using Layar tools in their print. The world is ready for AR. Are you ready to add it to your business?" notes Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, co-founder and U.S. Market Maker.

Vision-based AR uses many of these same sensors to virtually display digital content in context with real-world objects such as magazines, postcards, or product packaging, by tracking the visual features of these objects. Publishers and advertisers can quickly and easily activate their static print pages with digital experiences.

Layar's products include the Layar app, the Layar Creator used to add digital content, and an app service that allows companies to provide their own branded apps to readers. Layar strengthens the power of print by additional revenue through ad upsell and grows consumer engagement with extra content and an interaction channel.  For more information visit the Layar Website.


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