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TAPPI Press: This Month's Feature - The Best Sellers of 2012

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The Bleaching of Pulp, Fifth Edition
By Alan W. Rudie and Peter Hart

Previous editions of The Bleaching of Pulp have provided comprehensive information on the technology used to bleach wood pulps. The 5th edition will continue this tradition as the premiere industry text on bleaching technologies but will be more focused on the modern industrial processes with less emphasis on fundamental science. New or more comprehensive sections are included on elemental chlorine free bleaching, enzymes, acid treatments for hexeneuronic acids, control of mineral scale, and multi-stage modeling as used to optimize bleaching among multiple stages.

Item Number: 0101R331 • List Price: $232 • Member Price: $155

Handbook for Pulp and Paper Technologists
(The Smook Book) Third Edition
By: Gary A. Smook

This best-selling text provides an introduction to the entire technology of pulp and paper manufacture. The book features 27 chapters covering all aspects of pulping and papermaking. Hundreds of illustrations, charts, and tables help the reader grasp the concepts being presented. The third edition features additional material on secondary fiber recovery and utilization, mechanical pulping, kraft pulping and bleaching, and papermaking. 2002. 425 pages, hard cover.

Item Number: 0202SMOOK • List Price : $75 • Member Price: $56

Troubleshooting the Papermaking Process

By: By Jerome M. Gess and Paul H. Wilson

This book takes the reader through the process of making paper, pointing out where interruptions can occur and where elements that are added to the system can cause problems in that part or subsequent parts of the papermaking process. The aim of this book is to give papermakers and those involved in the papermaking process the information required to allow them to understand how to track down and solve problems at their source rather than where the problems surface.

Item Number: 0101R298 •List Price: $161• Member Price: $106

Paper Machine Quality Control Systems - Vol. 1: Measurement Systems and Product Variability

By: Quality Control Systems Education Common Interest Group of the Process Control Division

This book describes in detail the measurement technology used in Quality Controls Systems (QCS). Individual chapters are devoted to the five most prevalent QCS measurements (basis weight, moisture, caliper, ash, and color) in the paper industry. Each of these chapters covers the physical principles involved in each measurement, sensor designs, various methods of implementation, and influence factors. A somewhat lighter coverage is given to 10 other QCS measurements that do not have such a broad installation base. Common issues that impact all sensors are explained, including how sensor performance is measured and reported, the impact of scanning process, filtering, scanner designs and construction, and sensor calibration and correlation. Statistical methods are covered in depth from discrete one-dimensional variability to multi-dimensional variability. Guidance is provided for using these statistical methods to locate the sources of variability in the paper process.

Item Number: 0101R328•List Price: $205• Member Price: $135

The Corrugated Containers Manufacturing Process
By: Jody A. Brittain, Stephen R. Perkins, and Philip G. Schnell

This comprehensive textbook describes the entire process of manufacturing corrugated containers. In addition to detailed explanations, the book also features practical troubleshooting tips, and a discussion of common problems and solutions within each major section. Seven detailed chapters cover the following topics:

  • Paper and the Papermaking Process
  • Steam
  • Corrugating Adhesives
  • Singleface Operations
  • Doublebacker Process
  • Combined Board
  • Converting.

This textbook is designed to provide in-depth explanations and information for professionals working in all areas of the corrugated containers industry.

Item Number: 0101R281•List Price: $185•Member Price: $37


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