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In the Spotlight - Mike Haas: Learning is a Lifelong Process for this Member

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Member Mike Haas is a strong proponent of education and considers his long association with TAPPI to be a key ingredient in a successful career. He says that TAPPI has always served as a "fantastic learning resource" that has consistently offered him opportunities to hone leadership skills.

But it is not just the opportunity to engage in scientific and scholarly pursuits through TAPPI that Mike says brings great personal and professional rewards. It is the chance to mentor and serve as an advocate for future leaders in the industry, and it is for this reason that he urges fellow professionals to support the pulp and paper schools in their areas. "Get involved, serve as a mentor, create excitement about careers in our industry," he says.

Mike knows personally of what he speaks. As a young student at Miami University, he says he learned first-hand "how rewarding and fun TAPPI membership could be." It was the encouragement of TAPPI members like Fellow Dick Elliott that convinced him joining TAPPI was an important cog in the wheel of professional success. He presented his first TAPPI paper at a pulping conference in Toronto and there was no looking back.

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