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TAPPI PRESS: Roll and Web Defect Terminology, Second Edition

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Roll and Web defect Terminology, Second Edition by R. Duane Smith describes defects commonly found in paper, film, nonwoven webs, and wound rolls. This edition has been expanded to include defects from processes that did not exist when the first edition was written 15 years ago. This book is a "must have" communications tool for suppliers and their customers to assist in the identification and elimination of roll and web defects.

This industry resource was written and edited by 22 Industry Experts with more than 500 years of web handling and winding experience along with 16 contributing editors. Each of the 224 defects has concise information that provides:

  • A description of the defect
  • An illustration of the defect
  • The synonyms or also-known-as terms commonly used
  • Cross references for these synonyms in index
  • Common causes of the defect
  • Common remedies of the defect
  • Other sources of information published on the defect.
Roll and Web Defect Terminology, Second Edition has already been recognized by web producing and converting industry experts as the most comprehensive reference guide available for addressing roll and web defects.

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