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2012 FEMOS (Fixed Equipment Maintenance Optimization Workshop)

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Pulp and Paper mills often find themselves spending millions of dollars inspecting, repairing, and recovering from unexpected leaks in their boiler tubes, tanks, pressure vessels, exposed and buried pipeline, stacks, bleach towers, etc...

Here's your chance to learn how to substantially reduce these costs! Corrosion probe Inc.'s FEMOS Workshop training shows maintenance staff how to rationally manage the mechanical (containment) intregrity of all types of fixed eqpment with a simple, rigorous system utilizing disciplines and procedures by vendors who specialize in the maintenance of rotating equipment.

What do you gain from attending?
This workshop to be held October 14, 2012, 8 am - 5 pm EDT in Savannah, Ga., USA, will teach attendees how to implement a mill-specific program by using a transparent and disciplined process to systematically design the right inspection plan for each major piece of fixed equipment based on its' materials of construction, present condition, and service conditions. The basic concept employs proven, high-value practices from refining and petrochemical industries for risk based inspection, customizing inspection plans to possible damage mechanism and using fitness-for-service engineering assessments to define damage limits.

Who is leading the workshop?

Corrosion Probe Inc.'s workshop will employ experienced and renowned TAPPI participants Dave Bennett, David Browe, and Doug Sherman. They will train up to 20 people in a 1-day (6-Hour) workshop. Training is presented so attendees can use their new knowledge to immediately implement FEMOS at their mill. Many working examples are provided and students are invited to bring their mill's costliest fixed equipment inspection and maintenance concerns for case analysis.

The FEMOS workshop takes place just before the 2012 TAPPI PEERS Conference and the 2012 IBBC conference. Those attending the FEMOS Workshop can also attend these important events.


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