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Growing The Division - A Message From TAPPI's Nanotechnology Division Chairman

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Greetings fellow nano-advocates!

It's time again to update you on some projects in development, as well as exciting new opportunities to get involved in and help this division grow. Our member benefits include our E-library, Standards, Event & Education Discounts, access to the Membership Directory, and much more. Visit the TAPPI Nano Website for more information and to learn how to join.

The mission of the International Nanotechnology Division is to serve as the leading global forum for the community of individuals, organizations and institutions seeking to collectively advance the use of nanotechnology within the forest products industry, and support the development, production and use of renewable or sustainable nanomaterials for all industries. To put it more simply, we are here to:
  • Advance R&D in the field of nanotechnology
  • Educate and network
  • Develop applications, standards and resources
The 2012 Conference in Montreal was a great success. With over 200 registered attendees, representing 20 countries, 20 poster presenters and 60 speakers (including 5 Keynote speakers representing IBM, CelluForce, Bell Helicopter, and Health Canada), and an eye opening tour of the cellulose plant, attendees experienced the wide breadth for nanotechnology potential.

During this year's conference we got to see some excellent presentations covering a range of near-commercial applications.  If you missed it, members can access conference presentations on the website, and nonmembers can purchase the CD at the TAPPI website.

Also at the 2012 Conference, another International Standards Workshop was held.  Progress on the Roadmap developed after last year's conference was reviewed, as well as work on the first standard in this area:  Standard Terms and Their Definition for Cellulose Nanomaterial. 

In July, a new pilot facility for producing nanocellulose materials was opened at the USDS/FS Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, WI, USA.  This new facility can produce cellulose nanocrystals for use by academia and industry alike for research into new products.  For information on this visit the Forest Products Laboratory website.

Finally, The Division "teams" have also been busy and needs your input. The Technical Team, has begun planning for the 2013 Annual Conference. If you are interested in getting involved in next year's conference, please contact one of the conference co-chairs: Bruce Lyne, Ulla Forsstrom, or Phil Jones. If you're interested in helping create ideas for symposiums and courses, please feel free to contact one of the team leaders - Robert Moon, USDA Forest Service, or Yaman Boluk at the University of Alberta.

The Marketing & Promotions team
is hard at work to improve the division website and explore student & industry outreach, industry trends (our knowledge needs), and Membership needs. if any of these interest you, please contact team leaders John Cowie, Agenda 2020, or professor Bruce Lyne, Royal Institute of Technology.

The Product Resources & Development Team, is looking for ideas for Press & Publications (books, manuals, newsletters, webcontent, webinars), and will work collaboratively with the Marketing team on the website. A division newsletter is also in the planning stages. Please contact Mike Bilodeau, University of Maine, if you are interested in helping on these projects.

Don't forget to visit TAPPI's Nanotechnology website for more information and to learn how to join.

Until next time,

Sean Ireland
TAPPI International Nanotechnology Division Chairman


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