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New Book on Successfully Leading Business Change Available From TAPPI Press

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Running The Gauntlet is a rough-and-tumble guide for running and driving change through the business gauntlet. The book divides into three parts that parallel the three parts of change that every business leader must face: Getting Ready, Getting Going, and Creating and Sustaining Momentum. In each section, Hayzlett shows business leaders and owners how to develop the necessary mental, emotional, and (yes) physical toughness they must have for smart, strategic, and lasting change. Through this book, Hayzlett will force leaders to really get up in their own businesses – to take them over from the inside and drive change – gaining customers and profits in the process. Readers will be able to efficiently assess what kind of change their business needs and then summon the vision, courage, and passion to enact it.

Running the Gauntlet

Product code: 11RUNN
Author: Jeffrey Hayzlett
Format: Hard cover
Edition: First
Pages: 256

Member Price: $26.00

Non-Member Price: $26.00


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