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2012 Renewable Chemicals Live Part of Leadership Week

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Co-produced with Biofuels Digest, TAPPI's 2012 Renewable Chemicals Live conference will be held at the Capital Hilton Hotel in Washington, D.C., USA, April 2 - 5. This year, Renewable Chemicals Live has been co-located with The Advanced Biofuels Leadership Conference (ABLC) and has up to four days of "can't miss content." To get the most for their time and money, attendees are encouraged to participate in both events.

Day 1 of the Renewable Chemicals Live conference features the top leadership in renewable chemicals, plastics, and bio-based materials. The program features C-level presentations on finance, scale-up, R&D, policy, and global trends. More information about the Day 1 program is available online.

Conducted on Day 2, the Forest Biorefinery Workshop is intended for forest industry and non-forest industry professionals involved in or impacted by the emerging bio-economy, and who seek to understand better the perspective and priorities of the emerging forest industry commitment to the biorefinery. Executive management, including especially strategy planners as well as product development/technical experts in the bioenergy and renewable chemicals sectors, will be particularly interested in this course. More information about the workshop is available online.

Organized by Biofuels Digest, ABLC is the biggest gathering of advanced biofuels CEOs and senior leadership in North America. More than 40 CEOs will give presentations, including 15 of the 20 hottest companies in bioenergy. More information about the ABLC is also available online.

Professionals in the renewable chemicals and biofuels industries should attend these co-located events to help attract financing for a project, develop partners for feedstock, processing technology, and off take, and develop strategic partners and investors. The events are designed to assist attendees in finding new customers and networking with senior policymakers, as well as assessing the latest trends in advanced biofuels and benchmarking against the competition.


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