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New Paper Explores Return of American Manufacturing

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A new insight paper, "Workforce Rising: Why U.S. Manufacturing is Poised for a Comeback" was released this week by Reynders, McVeigh Capital Management, Boston, Mass., USA. In the paper, Reynders, McVeigh suggests that economics and innovation are driving forces behind the return of American manufacturing.

Co-authored by Patrick McVeigh, president and chief investment officer, and Chat Reynders, CEO and chairman of the firm, the insight paper outlines three major fields with significant growth potential based on the return of U.S. manufacturing: production, employment, and innovation.

"A perfect storm of economic conditions displaced manufacturing from the U.S. years ago, and there is no new perfect storm on its way to bring them back," writes Reynders, McVeigh. "However, manufacturing will return as China struggles with growing infrastructure and the emergence of its middle class, as industries built around U.S.-based resources solidify, and as innovation brings production to new levels of efficiency. There is no quick fix, but the gradual evolution of disparate elements is dispersing the clouds and giving rise to a new and viable landscape for American manufacturing."

More information from and about the report is available online.


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