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TAPPI Participation Provides Great Return on Investment

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One of Scott Frasca's first managers in the pulp and paper industry was adamant about one thing: join TAPPI! Taking that advice to heart, Scott not only joined, he instantly became an actively engaged member and leader in TAPPI, PIMA and several Local Sections. A firm believer that you get way more than you give Scott has been involved in multiple committees and assignments since joining 25 years ago. Those activities were recently recognized when he was named the 2010 Paul Magnabosco Outstanding TAPPI Local Section Member Award winner.

A skiing devotee and Harley rider, Scott is also a real fan when it comes to being involved in TAPPI as a way to develop leadership skills and technical knowledge. He recommends committee volunteering as a fast-track to involvement and skill development, noting that "new volunteers are always welcome and generally put to work right away!" Says Scott, "It's amazing what you can get out of membership with just a small investment of your time and how much benefit you derive for both you and your company!" Find out how by reading this month's Member Spotlight .  Spotlight participants are recommended by fellow members and staff. If you would like to nominate a member (or even yourself!) just send their name (or names) to Member Spotlight. We will forward a Spotlight Questionnaire  to fill out and return.

We look forward to seeing you in the Spotlight!


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