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Sonoco Mirrorink Produces Metallic Finish without De-Metallization Process

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Sonoco, Hartsville, S.C., USA, has announced a new printing breakthrough that produces a metallic finish without using the costly and time consuming de-metallization process. The company notes that its Mirorink process produces a distinctive mirror finish to attract consumers' attention on store shelves while providing consumer packaging goods companies (CPGs) cost savings, improved environmental sustainability, and increased speed to market, .

The new process uses a proprietary metallic pigment made from real metal flakes that produce a mirror-like sheen when properly aligned. By registering the metalized ink only where necessary, the process eliminates the waste stream of highly corrosive elements resulting from traditional de-metallization methods. The process also reduces water and energy consumption, making it more environmentally friendly. By skipping the time-consuming de-metallization process, products also are delivered to market more quickly.

Enhanced and more impactful graphics are another significant benefit of the metalized ink alternative. "Confectioners, in particular, require products that not only appeal to consumer taste preferences, but are also packaged so they're just as tempting to the eye. It's essential that packaging resonate with shoppers' senses and influence them to choose a product over the dozens of options on the shelf," said Larry Graham, president of the National Confectioner's Association.


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