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The Value of TAPPI TIPs for this Headbox SME: Priceless

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TAPPI member Scott Pantaleo has consistently established his credentials as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in headboxes, forming and approach flow systems throughout his career.

Since joining TAPPI in 1989, he has attended or taught at numerous conferences, courses and classes, and credits TAPPI's Standards and TIPs as being yet another "priceless on-the-job resource." One of the many benefits he has derived from his membership includes the opportunity to network with professionals both inside, and out, of his immediate area of expertise – leading to a new dimension of understanding beyond, but still aligned with his core competencies. For more than 15 years he has served as a course instructor for Wet End Operations, and is currently Chair of the Fluid Mechanics Committee and a member of the Papermakers Committee. He considers his relationship with TAPPI to be a major component in helping to build his SME reputation. Find out the reasons why by reading this month's Member Spotlight (http://www.tappi.org/Membership.aspx).

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