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TAPPI Biorefinery Course May 16-20, 2011 in Norcross, GA

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TAPPI is offering its first week-long course on the biorefinery, May 16-20, 2011 in Norcross, GA, involving leading biorefinery experts from across North America. With a course format designed to facilitate exchange between faculty and participants, it is sure to provide important value for your company.

Six key factors that companies considering a biorefinery implementation must evaluate will be addressed including;

1. Which biorefinery products (wood pellets, biofuels, or biochemical) will provide sustainably good margins over the long term?
2. Which emerging biorefinery processes are the most promising for making these products?
3. What is their efficiency and operating costs today and what will they be in 5 years from now after the process technologies have matured?
4. How do we best make-use of existing mill infrastructure when implementing the biorefinery?
5. Can we implement the biorefinery, and at the same time lower unit costs of wood, pulp and paper products?
6. What might be the role of government policy relative to key issues such as stumpage fees, biorefinery capital cost reduction, and other incentives such as greenhouse gas reduction policy?

How You Can Benefit From Attending This Course

This course will seek to provide the knowledge and tools required for forest industry leaders, technology providers and consultants to develop biorefinery strategies and better understand emerging biorefinery technologies and their design/implementation in a business strategy. More than 20 experts will cover both strategy-setting and design issues related to transformation to the biorefinery.

Course Instructor

This course will be led by Paul Stuart, Consultant and Professor, Ecole Polytechnique. Paul has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from McGill University. He is Co-Founder and Principal Consultant of EnVertis Inc.

Learn more about this course and register to attend at the TAPPI website.


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