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Registration Savings Extended for 2010 NETInc to October 22

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NETInc (Nonwovens Engineers and Technologists Innovative Nonwovens Conference) organizers have created the not-to-miss event for the nonwovens industry November 10-12 in Raleigh, N.C., USA. Not only is the NETInc program designed for -- and by -- nonwovens professionals, it features a State of the Industry Address, a keynote presentation by the Global Strategy Leader for Kimberly-Clark, a tour of the Nonwovens Institute's Pilot Facilities, and a Nonwovens Process Tutorial.

Here is just a sample of the caliber of information that will be covered at NETInc:

* During session 4.3, ‘Update on Antimicrobial Work', researchers from Auburn University will discuss the advances they have made in attachment chemistry and in understanding the activity and stability of halamine antimicrobials. You'll see their results in side-by-side tests with other antimicrobial chemistries for the efficacy.

* The US Army NSRDEC is conducting research to develop rapid and novel electrochemical biosensors for the detection of food pathogens. Learn about this research and during session 5.1, ‘Conductive Polymer Coated Nonwoven Fibers for Biosensors'.

* Rory A. Wolf, Vice President, Business Development at Enercon Industries Corporation will share his thoughts on the first atmospheric plasma technology tailored specifically for nonwovens and textiles in session 10.3, ‘Game-Changing Surface Pre-Treatment Technology'. You'll learn about the ground-breaking atmospheric plasma technology which has no limitations relative to nonwoven width or speed, and which offers a substantial decrease in operational costs.

* The process by which products are brought to market in the technical textile industry is long and often daunting. End market needs can be difficult to extrapolate and design must include cost and performance information early in the development process when many of the media variables remain unknown. Fred Lybrand of Elmarco, Inc. will present ‘Commercializing Technical Textiles - Case Studies Using Nanofibers'. During Session 11, he will cover methods for overcoming these issues and demonstrate how they were overcome. He will provide real life examples of nanofiber enabled materials in air filtration, liquid filtration, life science, acoustic insulation and lithium ion battery separators.

* Learn about the processability, extrusion behavior, properties and moisture absorption of fibers made from soy protein during session 13.4 ‘New Moisture Management Fibers' presented by Fred Travelute and Tony Moore, Marvin Technology Associates.

View the complete program and see how you can make the most of your time in Raleigh.