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New Version of Calculator Tracks Transportation and Trade Carbon Emissions

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LOG-NET Inc., Red Bank, N.J., USA, has released a new carbon calculator for transportation and international trade. The company noted that a single international container imported from Asia to the U.S. or Europe will cause the emission of 1.8 to 5 metric tons of CO2, adding that utilizing carbon management tools can potentially reduce the carbon emission one to two metric tons per container for the millions of containers transported globally each year. With the new calculator, users can automatically upload, via spreadsheet, dozens or thousands of trailers or containers, which will be stored online for reporting and analysis of carbon emission generated across multiple modes of transportation.

"Earlier this year LOG-NET introduced the most sophisticated tool for the analysis of CO2 emissions of goods moving in trade," noted John Motley president and CEO of LOG-NET. "Our original tool has been broadly used by companies looking to review their carbon emissions as well as ports, universities, and local schools to assist in developing an understanding of carbon emissions in international trade." 

"The new version of this tool enables organizations to submit large sets of goods movements with hundreds or thousands of containers, trailers, or airway bills. The system then rates trade lanes, origins, and carriers for the organization's total carbon emissions in transportation. The new tool supports customs fields as well for summaries relevant to a specific organization. More information is available online.


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