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Learn Linerboard/Medium Manufacturing Principles

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The early bird registration deadline for the TAPPI Introduction to Linerboard/Medium Manufacture Course is July 6.

Knowledge is power. The TAPPI Introduction to Linerboard/Medium Manufacture Course is designed to give you increased confidence and understanding of linerboard and medium manufacture and properties. By participating in this course you will be able to interact more knowledgeably with experienced process engineers and operators as well as increase your ability to improve paperboard mill operations and help troubleshoot product quality problems.
After completing this course, you will be able to describe and define linerboard and medium manufacturing processes, equipment, variables, and terminology in order to improve operations and product quality. You will recognize how one part of the process affects other operations in order to increase your thinking on a mill-wide scale. And, you will be able to interpret how process variables affect linerboard and medium sheet structure and properties, to help you troubleshoot variations in product quality. View the complete Course Information.


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