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Galveston Island CVB
MPI's community is full of inspired members whose MPI experience has made a real difference in their personal and professional lives.
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PMPI members and guests were lavishly treated to a spectacular educational event hosted by the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on January 5.
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Irving Convention & Visitors Bureau
Upcoming Events
Raise the stakes and join us on February 9, 2012, for our PMPI Casino Night and the return of our PMPI Texas Hold’Em Tournament.
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Now is the time to make the next move in your career, and MACE! is here to help you put the pieces into play.
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News and Announcements
Jason is the sole chair of the Education Committee, which is responsible for coordinating 11 education programs.
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The PMPI Education Committee is working on the Thursday, March 8, 2012 Educational Event and would like your guidance.
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Ever reconsider attending a PMPI function due to budget constraints? Well, we’re here to let you know that PMPI Cares!

Apply for a scholarship to participate in events ranging from educational sessions to MACE, CMP classes and WEC. Help us help you succeed! Please visit our website for more information. Come on, we dare you to spend our money instead of your own!

Knoxville Tourism & Sports Corporation
Grand Traverse Resort & Spa
Victoria Conference Centre
PMPI Strategic Partners



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