OGCA Members Lead a Movement to a Safer Construction Industry

OGCA members are amongst the very safest of any industry in Ontario. They have reduced their Lost Time Injuries (LTI) rate by an amazing 10% to .20 in 2019. That rate compares to rates of 1.12 for the construction industry and .98 for all Ontario employers covered by the WSIB.

Congratulations to OGCA members who experienced only 22 LTIs against over 22 million manhours. 167 members had no lost time injuries at all. It is an outstanding achievement that has been accomplished as a result of members' long term commitment to workplace safety.

Since 2009, our members' rate has plummeted from a .76 frequency to .20. Members' focus on operating safe worksites is spreading through the construction industry. Programs like COR and the League of Champions have supported construction becoming safer.

Minister Monte McNaughton and Chief Prevention Officer Ron Kelusky, both speaking at OGCA’s Annual General Meeting on October 8, recognized the achievement and congratulated the association members for their achievement.

OGCA will be recognizing members' outstanding performance by issuing certificates of achievements and milestone awards later this month. Congratulations to all.

OGCA remains focused on supporting our members' commitment to safety, recognizing COVID-19 has made the challenge much more difficult. We must not let up on the focus to keep our workers safe.