Big Changes are coming for COR

In the next few months, IHSA will release CORTM 2019, an update to the program that has been in Ontario for 8 years. The changes will not be extensive but will adjust 4 of the modules to meet the standard in the Ministry of Labour’s soon to be announced accreditation of safe employers.

Employers who are awarded CORTM 2019 will qualify for the MOL’s certification recognition and able to apply to the WSIB for a rebate on their premium.

CORTM certified employers will likely be able to update their Certification to meet the new standard, without renewing the full program. IHSA is finalizing the update and will notify members when it will be available.

OGCA has been working with IHSA and the Chief Prevention Officer to make sure that CORTM will be recognized as meeting the standard. As a result, employers who are certified under the accreditation program will be eligible for significant rebates from the WSIB. CORTM requires a large financial investment from the contractor to be successful. This makes it very difficult for moderate sized firms to participate. The financial rebate will make the business case to invest in CORTM more apparent. 

We expect Minister of Labour Monte McNaughton to announce accreditation and the inclusion of CORTM 2019 very soon.

OGCA will work with IHSA to make sure the update is readily available to all that are interested.

The WSIB will announce the requirements to receive financial rebates and the amount of the financial rewards very shortly. The program will be effective January 1, 2020.