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The Growth of the League of Champions Sends the Message

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The League of Champions' mission is to promote a safety culture and build awareness in the construction industry. Its goal is to create a framework for Safety Awareness which will act as a lever to help Industry Leaders (Champions) enable change in their companies and across industries. The result will be better protection for our youth at risk and all workers through education and awareness.

The League, alongside MySafeWork, wants to spread the message that change is necessary. With the constant, rapid changes the construction industry faces, and will continue to face as we move towards the future with technology, it is important to remind each other that Safety comes first and that all levels of one’s company are required to make that commitment. We have a long way to go and we need to focus on the employees who drive our companies to success.

Students are looking for the best companies who have their best interests at the forefront. Rob Ellis's story talks about how his son, David Ellis who was 18 years old, on his second day on the job, with no supervision, and with no training, died. His story is impactful and one that could have been prevented. It resonates with these students. It resonates with workers. It resonates with leaders. Change must happen.

The message that the well-being of an employee of any kind is important and that everyone looks out for each other goes a long way. Safety is a continuous effort of improvement and the League is always supporting its members in "raising the bar." With over 50 members and 15 patrons supporting the league, we are building momentum which is making a difference.

The League of Champions celebrates safety success, and by doing so, it reinforces the importance that safety remains at the forefront of every company’s mandate. It reinforces what it means to win and unifies the team around a positive outcome, and builds momentum for success.

A "safety culture" will enhance any safety program. To learn more about the League of Champions, and how you can join today, visit www.theleagueofchampions.com.


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