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Federal Government Comes to the Infrastructure Table

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We now have a budget commitment from the federal government to financially support a long term infrastructure plan that includes infrastructure priorities of provinces and municipalities. The proposal is to deliver $120 billion in infrastructure spending over the next ten years.

In particular, the March 22nd budget proposes two phases of delivery, the first to include $11.9 billion to support near term investment in water, wastewater, public transit and affordable housing. Phase 2, which contains a larger dollar commitment, will focus on projects with a longer planning requirement.

This commitment has been criticized for coming up short of the Liberal government’s campaign promises, but it does reestablish the federal government as a full funder of priority infrastructure, and recognizes it as a prime stimulus for the economy.

We anticipate a series of spending announcements over the next year with provinces and municipalities that have projects that are well advanced in planning but require federal participation before final commitments can be made.

Green infrastructure will be a dominant theme and will include mass transit, sewers, water treatment and green technology. There is also a significant focus on improving infrastructure and housing for native communities and bands.

The three prime funding silos are public transit, featuring a new Public Transit Infrastructure fund, Green Infrastructure projects and affordable housing. Commitments continue to renew federal buildings and strengthen transportation links including major bridge projects in Montreal and Windsor.

OGCA congratulates the federal government in its commitment to become a funding partner for priority infrastructure investments with a focus on providing economic stimulus to an economy that continues to struggle and needs to improve employment opportunities.

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