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Leadership at its very best is about investing in people's development and looking after their needs so they are equipped to succeed and deliver excellence. As a starting point to shift your leadership style to a more high-impact, serving model that puts people first, we need daily reminders to keep us on track to be the very best leader we can be.
The key to achieving your full potential is to raise your self-concept and develop new habits of thinking about what’s possible for you.
Fast Company
Here's how one CEO handed off his role to take a three-month paternity leave — and became a better leader.
H & H Farm Machine Co.
QMT Windchimes
The best leaders put others first. Here's how to make sure you're taking the spotlight off yourself and valuing your people.
CEB Blogs
The right strategy is essential to communicating your strategic plan. You can build employee awareness of organizational strategy and spur them to action using three simple steps.
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