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Great leaders are made, not born. Becoming a leader requires mastering a variety of skills, but there's one trait that many leaders lack: People skills. Learn about the six elements of interpersonal relationships and how they can help you take your leadership to the next level.
Switch and Shift
A concise, well-written vision statement – one that clearly defines your direction and goals – is essential for any organization.
The advantages of a diverse workforce are well known, but when it comes to embracing inclusiveness, a company is only as strong as its leader. By fostering an atmosphere of diversity, inclusion, belonging and support, leaders can build a strong and sustainable company culture. Find out if you are inhibiting inclusion through your actions.
H & H Farm Machine Co.
QMT Windchimes
Starting a business is almost worth it just for what it teaches you about life, and yourself.
Some lessons like that come pretty hard. You learn them only by failing, teaching you things you can't learn any way other than through experience. Here are my top three.
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