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Sometimes the biggest and best ideas are the toughest to sell. Human beings are hardwired to protect what is familiar, a concept psychologists often refer to as "status quo bias." Want to shake up the status quo? Use psychology to your advantage.
Transparency is the new "it" factor in a world where information is available at the click of a button. A CEO looking to move his or her company forward would do well to embrace this trend. Indeed, management training thrives when CEOs exercise transparency and open communication.
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Eblin Group
Great leaders practice and exhibit strong personal leadership. They endeavor to live at their best so they can lead at their best. Their lives are structured for continuous improvement. Here are the ten behaviors of personal leadership that great leaders practice.
There's a popular quote that goes something like, "People are like tea bags. You never know how strong they are until you put them in hot water." It's a sentiment that's been tested. After surveying more than 5,000 people who prospered in spite of calamity, one researcher and his team found these practices are statistically linked to higher success in life.
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Fast Company
For new grads, people changing industries, and anyone who's either unemployed or rejoining the workforce after taking time away, networking events can be uniquely stressful. If you don't have much (or any) recent, relevant job experience, what can you possibly discuss while rubbing elbows with those who can (hopefully) give you the career boost you need?
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