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Michael Hyatt
I have become convinced that thinking big is not a gift, but a skill—one that anyone can develop. It starts by understanding the process and then consistently practicing it. Here are seven steps to thinking big.
Here’s a reality of leadership: the vast majority of people are promoted into leadership positions without having demonstrated even a slight ability to actually lead. Many are promoted into leadership positions because they have demonstrated some ability to manage but leading and managing are two entirely different things.
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Leadership Freak
You look for an escape when blabbing leaders arrive. But a leader skilled at powerful conversations is a thing of beauty.
Here are the six elements that can position your organization for customer service success. Although be forewarned: excellence in customer service and the customer experience isn't a puzzle or riddle that can be solved once and for all. It's going to require sustained diligence and focus, because inertia and pushback will otherwise inevitably set in. But here are the six best ways to get started.
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Think back to the last team project you participated in at work. How did the person running the project lead the group? Did they lead by presenting a plan and using their authority to insist that others follow along? Or did the person instead lead by explaining why a particular course of action seemed like the best one, allowing others to willfully get on board?
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