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There are many different "types" of leaders today and two of them are privileged leaders. Yes, privileged counts twice because we have those who feel privileged to lead and those who feel leading makes them privileged.

One of those groups have an opportunity to be excellent leaders, the other not so much.
The Context of Things
Everywhere you turn these days, someone is talking about work stress. We are all over-worked! We’re all too stressed! The sky is indeed falling!

Some of this is true, but much of it is not.

Here’s the basic deal: work stress is real, but it’s real for different reasons than we think it is. Consider this: in the 1930s, economists were predicting we’d work six-hour weeks by now. That obviously hasn’t happened. In 1988, management consultant Peter Drucker said we’d all be working for lean companies with low levels of middle management. That hasn’t happened either.
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The Lean Startup movement has changed the global startup landscape over the last few years, providing a simple methodology for resource-constrained companies to quickly learn from their customers, iterate their product development, and ultimately create products that people want. As a result, Lean Startup principles are a key component of the Founder Institute curriculum.

However, in practice, many startup founders misinterpret one of the key principles of the lean startup: "the pivot".
From a business standpoint, the reality is that every historical time period has both good and bad aspects. But when businesses turn to new methods and technology to create new-and-improved products and services, they often throw out the good old things in the process. Before your customers start searching for another company to restore the good old days into their lives, here are four ideas that might satisfy their yearnings.
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Naylor Association Solutions
The New York Times
Social scientists have been trying to identify the conditions most likely to promote satisfying human lives. Their findings give some important clues about choosing a career: Money matters, but as the economist Richard Easterlin and others have demonstrated, not always in the ways you may think.
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